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5 Common Water Heater Problems

5 Common Water Heater Problems

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common water heater problems in Minnesota by Water Heaters Now

As one of the most frequently used appliances in your home, your water heater is liable to have a variety of problems. As a homeowner, you’ll want to know how to deal with all these common water heater problems. In this blog post, we’ve gathered up five of the most common problems you’ll likely face and given you suggestions on fixing them. Knowing how to best deal with these problems can help you get the most out of your water heater investment!

Here are five common water heater problems you’ll likely encounter:


Odorous hot water

If your hot water is starting to smell, then the water tank might have become infected with bacteria. You can usually detect a sort of rotten egg smell around the water heater. To fix this, just flush the water tank and add a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide to it. Then, let the solution sit for about two hours before flushing it again with clean water. Should the problem persist, call us to help out. However, if the hot water and cold water smell, the problem probably doesn’t have to do with your water heater.


Not enough hot water

A water tank not providing enough hot water is a common issue. Generally, you can fix this by turning up your water heater’s temperature. Check out our guide on water heater temperature to see how to change it. However, be careful not to turn it up too much, or you may risk scalding yourself or others who use your water.


Noisy water heater

A water heater making noise can be the result of a couple of different problems. A likely reason is that there’s sediment in the tank that’s being burned by the heating element. In order to fix this, you simply have to flush out your water tank. Flushing your water tank is a fairly simple process that should be done once per year as part of general maintenance. Alternatively, the problem may be the result of a heating element that’s burning out. In that case, you should call on us to help replace it.


No hot water

If you’re getting no hot water whatsoever, the problem may depend on what your water heater runs on. If it’s a gas model, the pilot light might have blown out, which is caused by a faulty thermocouple or pilot control valve. Another likely cause is that the thermocouple (gas water heater) or heating element (electric) needs replacing. The replacement job is easy to do for a trained professional, but you should avoid doing it yourself if you don’t have training.


Leaky tank

If your tank is leaking, there’s no two ways about it; it’s time to get a replacement. You never want to ignore a leak in your water tank, even if it’s a small one. Having 30 to 60 gallons of water leak into your house or basement is never an enjoyable experience. When you find a leak, call us as soon as you can to arrange a water tank replacement.


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By Brian Renadette


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