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4 Reasons Your Water Heater Is Colder in the Winter

4 Reasons Your Water Heater Is Colder in the Winter

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Winter is almost here, and that means colder temperatures and plenty of snow. However, the winter also represents challenges for your water heater. Your water heater works every day of the year, but sometimes it winds up underperforming. When the ground temperature drops, your home’s water can become up to 25°F cooler. If you don’t want to lose your supply of hot water, you’ll need to know what can cause your cold water problems.

Here are four common reasons your water heater isn’t as effective in the winter.


Lower outdoor temperatures

The most obvious reason your water heater’s water isn’t as warm is because of how cold it gets outside. The lower temperatures make both the air and the ground colder, and that cold ground cools the water going to your home. As your water heater works to heat the water, it’s constantly getting refilled with colder water, making it hard to get the right temperature.


Lack of insulation

Not only do pipes need insulation so the water doesn’t freeze, but so does your water heater. Proper insulation can prevent a drop in water temperature and even raise the temperature by a few degrees. The best insulation for water heater depends on its power source. Electric water heaters work best with neoprene foam while gas models often use a fiberglass wrap secured with aluminum foil or tape.


Increased hot water usage

During the winter, you’ll likely be trying more things to stay warm. You’ll make hot chocolate, turn up the heater, and occasionally have a hot shower. However, some of these activities can take up hot water. The increased usage of hot water in the winter means you’ll find it tends to run out more often than other seasons.


More standing heat loss

Where do you keep your water heater? For many people, it’s in the basement or somewhere else that isn’t well-heated or insulated. These areas tend to get colder than the rest of your home, so your water heater will be surrounded by cold air. Because of this, more heat will escape from your water heater, forcing it to run harder to reach the temperature you set.


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By Brian Renadette


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