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5 Water Heater Fire Safety Tips

5 Water Heater Fire Safety Tips

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Since they involve water, you might not think a water heater can cause fire. However, they certainly can. According to the National Fire Protection Association, water heaters were responsible for 11% of the fires started by home heating devices between 2007-2011. However, water heaters aren’t inherently dangerous. These statistics simply show how important it is to properly maintain your water heater. As specialists in water heaters, Water Heaters Now wants to give you some water heater fire safety tips. Following these tips can greatly reduce the risk of water heater fires.

Here are five water heater fire safety tips every homeowner should follow:


Get annual inspections

This is a simple tip that applies to all of your major home appliances. Whether it’s a furnace, your electrical system, or a water heater, it’s good to have a professional look at it occasionally. By having us check your water heater, we can curb any problems that might show up in the future. In addition, we may be able to find issues you weren’t aware of.


Keep flammables away

Plenty of people keep their water heaters in their garage or some other storage space. Oftentimes, garages act like a storage space for things like gasoline, paint, or solvents. These things are all flammable, and should be kept far away from your water heater. It’s possible for the fumes to ignite if they reach the pilot light.


Know how to turn off the water heater

Knowing how to operate your water heater is a useful skill. However, it becomes even more important when you have a potential emergency on your hands. If you smell gas or discover a gas leak, you’ll want to shut the gas off immediately.


Keep your water heater away from debris

This tip shares some reasoning with tip #2. In general, water heaters should have some room to “breathe” so the pilot light can work properly. This means keeping the area around the water heater uncluttered. Failure to do so can cause the heater to not work properly, turning it into a fire hazard.


Make sure the water heater is well-ventilated

This tip also is related to tips #2 and #4. Depending on where you store your water heater (such as the garage,) it may be in proximity to flammable fumes. While you should always mess with flammable fumes away from the water heater, sometimes you have to work on your lawn mower in the garage where the water heater is. Wherever you store the water heater, it should have good ventilation so ignitable fumes don’t linger and pose a risk of ignition.


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By Brian Renadette


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