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How to Turn Off Your Water Heater Gas Supply

How to Turn Off Your Water Heater Gas Supply

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How do I turn off my water heater gas supply? There’s a question that’s useful for many homeowners to know the answer to. As a homeowner, you have a variety of reasons you might want to shut off the gas powering your water heater. For example, you might need to turn it off so you can replace your water heater with a new one. However, you might need to turn off the gas for a more serious reason. If you smell gas around your water heater, or around your home in general, you’ll need to turn off the gas as soon as possible.


Words of warning

CenterPoint Energy has a set of instructions for what to do if you smell gas. According to them, you should leave on foot for somewhere safer and then call 911 and CenterPoint Energy when you’re safely far away. This advice is suggested if the smell of gas is strong. However, if the smell is weak, you can do something about the problem before it gets worse.


Shutting off the gas

There are two ways to shut off the gas for your water heater. You can shut off the gas completely outside at the gas meter or for the water heater alone at the shutoff valve near the water heater. While you’re better off shutting off the gas completely, knowing how to do both is important.

For the water heater’s supply, look around the unit for a single valve handle. It’s usually located at the bottom of the unit about a foot or two out. When you find it, turn the handle 90° to shut off the gas. After that, make sure the water heater has turned off. To do this, turn up the water heater’s temperature and then check the access hatch at the bottom to see if the burner is off.

For the outside gas shutoff valve, you’ll find it right next to the outside gas meter. Like with the water heater’s valve, you can shut this off by turning the valve 90°. Generally you’ll need a wrench to turn this one on or off.

Either way, after shutting off the gas, you should call your gas company to get them to fix the leak.


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By Brian Renadette


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