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Twin Cities based Water Heaters Now! is #1 in the installation of Hot Water Heaters.

That is all we do. We are proud to serve Woodbury, MN as your “Same Day*” hot water heater installer.


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Take Advantage of Our Specialization.

We offer Hot Water Heater Installation and Water Heater Replacement for homes and businesses and nothing else.

Because we specialize we offer the areas most experienced installers, we can answer your questions and give good guidance.

Bradford White Water Heaters


Because we specialize, we benefit from lower wholesale costs, this saves us money. This allows us to offer you honest and fair pricing.

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It’s a win-win specialization.

We look forward to helping you come out ahead should you need to replace your water heater.

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Our Water Heaters:

We recommend and install world famous Bradford White Water Heaters for both gas and electric tank style water heaters and industry leading Navien Tankless Water Heaters for our Tankless Water Heater customers.

These are what we in the industry refer to as “Professional Grade.”  These top notch American made water heaters will keep you in hot water for many years and with lower energy costs.


Need a Replacement Hot Water Heater?

When you need a Woodbury, MN  water heater installer call Water Heaters Now!.

For those who can plan ahead and wish to upgrade to a Navien tankless system, we are here to help you.

Ask us about the many benefits of going tankless. While the equipment costs more upfront, it adds resale value to your home and saves on energy costs. It’s the green thing to do.

Navien Tankless Water Heaters


We will help you make the best choice for your situation.

Whatever you decide, we will get it installed promptly, with minimal fuss and muss and be out of your hair in no time.

And yes, today will work, if you need it now*


*Call us before 2PM and you will be in Hot Water today!  612 876-5553



Water Heaters Now! All we do is professional grade Water Heaters. We will protect your home, uninstall your existing unit, safely recycle the old unit, verify everything is properly set up, install your new water heater and make sure we leave your home clean and tidy.  612-876-5553

Twin Cities based Water Heaters Now!, is your best choice when you need a new hot water heater installation in Woodbury MN or anywhere in the Twin City metropolitan area for that matter.

Water Heaters Now!, specializes in the installation of new hot water heaters and just that. As a result, we are the experts in installation and can offer better pricing and service than the average plumbing firm.  Our skilled plumbers have the experience and now how to install your system hassle free from day one.

We offer a full range of water heaters for commercial and residential needs. We install a lot of traditional gas and electric tank heaters. Increasingly we are installing more and more energy and space efficient tankless water heaters in Woodbury.

Our particular specialty lies in fast installations. Too often people first realize they need a new hot water heater when they have a flood in their basement, after their old system gives out. We can respond fast. Call us by 2PM and you will have your new water heater installed the same day. Tankless systems require two visits, one to measure and check location requirments and a second for the installation.  As such, it may be the next day before your new energy efficient tankless system is operating.

Navien Tankless Hot Water Heater
Navien Tankless Hot Water Heater

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