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What is a Water Heater Anode Rod?

What is a Water Heater Anode Rod?

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water heater anode rod in Minnesota by Water Heaters Now

Your water heater has a wide variety of parts that help it work properly. One of these is the anode rod, and it’s a huge factor in the lifespan of your water heater. These rods consist of a steel core wire surrounded by a soft metal. The outer layer of the rod is either aluminium, magnesium, or an aluminium/zinc alloy. The sole job of the water heater anode rod is to sacrifice itself to protect the water heater from corrosion and rusting. How does it do this? Through a chemical process known as electrolysis.


Some of the main reasons your water tank corrodes is because of what’s in the water. For example, gasses that naturally dissolve in water, like carbon monoxide, make the water more acidic. Likewise, the oxygen and moisture in water causes the chemical process that results in rust and corrosion. To counter against these, the anode rod is used for electrolysis. Electrolysis is a chemical process that involves passing a direct electric (DC) current through an ionic substance. In the case of your water heater’s anode rod, it’s the outer layer coating the steel core. The substance then dissolves into a solvent and releases electrons. These electrons charge the water and help prevent corrosion in the tank.

Various other factors affect how quick the anode rod corrodes. Most notably is how hot the water in the water heater gets. Generally, water heaters can be set to go up to 140°F. Many people consider 120°F to 125°F to be the safest temperature to avoid scalding. Hotter water causes the rods to corrode faster. In addition, a water softener can make corrosion happen quicker. When the anode rod finally gives out, it’s very important to replace it. Not only will it not protect against corrosion, but it can break off in the water heater. If this happens, it’ll bounce around the inside and damage the glass lining of the water heater.


How is Water Heaters Now my best choice for replacing my water heater anode rod?

Because of where the rod is located on top of the tank, it can be hard to remove and replace it. To correctly replace the rod, you’ll need the experience and tools from a professional water heater company, like Water Heaters Now. Our company chooses to specialize in water heaters so we can be the best in a single thing instead of a jack of all trades. Call Water Heaters Now if you need any sort of help with your water heater!

By Brian Renadette


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