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7 Benefits of a Water Heater Tank Flush

7 Benefits of a Water Heater Tank Flush

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water heater tank flush in Minnesota from Water Heaters Now

An important part of your tank water heater is, unsurprisingly, the water tank. As you use it to heat your home’s water, minerals and other sediment can build up inside the tank. Over time, this buildup can cause a wide variety of problems for your water heater. Regular tank flushing can extend your water heater’s life expectancy and save you from an expensive repair bill. Here at Water Heaters Now, we can tell you just some of the benefits of getting a water heater tank flush.

Here are seven ways a water heater tank flush can help you:


Clean out sediment

One of the biggest benefits of a tank flush is getting rid of sediment in the tank. There are multiple ways that your water heater can generally fail. However, sediment buildup usually plays a role in each different method of failure.


Reduced noise

If your water heater is making a racket, it’s likely because scale has built up inside the tank. As scale builds up, small pockets of air get created and can make plenty of noise when heated up. As well as being distracting, the build up can also make it harder for your tank to circulate water correctly.


Improved heating

Is your water heater having trouble keeping your water hot? Whether you’re using a gas water heater or electrical, sediment can make it harder to heat your water. There are other problems that might cause water heating problems, but this might be the solution you need.


Reduced energy costs

Reduced energy costs and improved heating go hand-in-hand. If it’s taking longer to produce heat, your water heater will use more energy to do what it could easily do. This means you’ll be paying more for what you normally get.


Avoid stagnant water odors

If the water in your water tank has no where to go, the water inside will stagnate. Stagnant water leads to unpleasant odors that’ll only grow worse the longer the problem goes unaddressed.


Extend your tank’s life

There are two major ways a water heater can break down due to scale buildup. In an electric tank, scale can cause the electrodes to fail prematurely, resulting in no hot water. Meanwhile, in a gas model, scale buildup on the tank’s bottom creates an insulating layer between the water and the heat source. This can make the bottom of the tank hotter than it should, resulting in stress that can cause a leak or burst.


Warranty protection

Depending on your warranty, it may not cover you if your water heater fails due to scale buildup. Regular flushing can prevent scale failure, thus letting you rule out that cause of failure when seeking coverage for a failed tank.


What makes Water Heaters Now my best choice for water heater maintenance?

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By Brian Renadette


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