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Why Choose a Bradford White Water Heater

Why Choose a Bradford White Water Heater

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Bradford white water heater in Minnesota by Water Heaters Now

At Water Heaters Now, we believe our products should be produced by a company that knows high-quality. That’s why one of our primary water heater manufacturers is Bradford White. Founded over 135 years ago, Bradford White Water Heater is a Mississippi-based water heater manufacturer with a simple mission. They seek to deliver high-quality, superior products made by American craftspeople. Bradford White’s products are unrivaled in reliability, performance, energy-efficiency, and installation flexibility.


What does Bradford White provide?

Bradford White is one of the world’s most technologically advanced manufacturers of water heater technology. They offer over 8,000 models that can fulfill nearly any residential, commercial, or industrial application possible. Also, their products boast a wide variety of technological innovations that improve their efficiency while minimizing corrosion and other sorts of wear and tear. To stay on top of the latest technology, Bradford White has two R&D labs working hard to optimize their technology and processes.

Becoming a top company is about more than selling products, and that’s something Bradford White excels at. American Pride is a big part of the company, and they commit themselves to American manufacturing. They have manufacturing facilities all over the United States and employ over 1,500 American workers to make the water heaters. Their newest facility, built at Middleville, MN, is over a million sq.ft. and boasts over 1,000 workers. You’ll never see any of their products at a retail box store, however. Bradford White dedicates themselves at being the best, not the biggest.


Why should I get my Bradford White water heater from Water Heaters Now?

Master Plumber Raymond Snesrud has been plumbing in the twin cities for 10 years and he says, “I have noticed that there are hundreds of plumbing companies who do thousands of plumbing types of repairs. I have had dozens of employees over the last 10 years, and I have found it very difficult to hire technicians who will respect people and their homes the way they deserve. One day five years ago, it occurred to me that if we only install and repair water heaters, we could become the leading experts at doing one thing.” Our motto is to provide the best customer service and workmanship for water heater installations and repairs. Call Water Heaters Now today to learn more about our products and services!

By Brian Renadette


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