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Master Plumber Raymond Snesrud has been plumbing in the twin cities as Royal Plumbing for 10 years.

Water Heaters Now owner Ray Snesrud

“I have noticed that there are hundreds of plumbing companies who do thousands of plumbing types of repairs. I have had dozens of employees over the last 10 years, and I have found it very difficult to hire technicians who will respect people and their homes the way they deserve. One day five years ago, it occurred to me that if we only install and repair hot water heaters, we could become the leading experts at doing one thing.”


Here are the problems we discovered with average plumbing companies that led us to create Water Heaters Now:

  • Many plumbers are paid on commission so dishonesty and gouging occurs often.
  • Employees are not properly screened.
  • Thousands of parts are carried in a plumbing truck so inventory and pricing is higher than needed.
  • Techs sometimes park in the driveway making their service a nuisance or damaging property.
  • Techs are undertrained for the work they are sent out to do.
  • Techs do not have systems in place to protect the customers home.
  • Companies sell the most profitable material not the best quality.
  • Companies do not stand behind their work.

We have addressed these problems and have developed systems to give you the very best possible install experience.

  • Installing quality hot water heaters the same day and repairing when possible is all we do.
  • We have access to any major brand of water heater and will give you options based on your needs.
  • Look no further than Water Heaters Now for all your water heater problems.

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