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Is Your Water Heater Leaking?

Is Your Water Heater Leaking?

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Like a Leak in a Dam, a Water Heater Leak May be Tolerable for a While, But Beware Should the Dam Burst

Is your water heater leaking? A leak in your water heater may appear as a small problem. However, once the leak continues, it may cause some serious damage to your home. The leak can slowly damage the walls and the floors near your unit. Ultimately, should the worst thing happen, you may have a flooded basement.  This can lead to a significant mess as well as cost for repairs.

Aside from the flooding concern, a leaking water heater may pose health issues. When there is a leak, it can keep the walls and the floor wet and moist leading to mold growth. Mold in turn can result in illness and or allergic reactions as many molds are toxic.

When there is a leak in your water heater, it’s important to control the damage by having it repaired as soon as possible. The leak doesn’t just go away. The longer you allow the leak to occur, the more damage it will cause.

Here are some steps in order to do an investigation on the leaking problem of your water heater and ways to go about it:

Find where the water heater leak is coming from

The leak can be caused by different parts of the water heater or its surroundings. It’s important to know the source of the leak so you can address it appropriately.

These are some of the possible areas where a leak may occur in your water heater:

  • Heater Drain Valve: This valve can be found at the bottom of the water tank. The drain valve should be completely closed. Its purpose is to drain the tank in order to remove the sediment that builds up in the tank. The point of entry of the heater drain valve should be tight. A leak from this part of the water heater does not pose serious problems. It can be easily fixed by replacing the drain valve.
  • Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve: Each water heater has a pressure and temperature relief valve that can be found on the side of the tank. Its purpose is to release water once there is too much pressure inside the tank. The T/P valve should be watertight. The valve has a discharge pipe or tube attached to the valve which is directed towards the floor. If the T/P valve is causing the leak, water will flow down the pipe or tube despite the valve being in a closed position. Another sign that the leak is coming from the T/P valve is if a puddle of water forms at the bottom part of the hot water tank and if the pipe or tube is moist or damp. The problem can either be a faulty T/P valve or there might be too much pressure inside the tank. This problem can be fixed by replacing the T/P valve or by asking a plumber to fix the problem regarding the internal pressure.
  • Hot Water Outlet and Cold Water Inlet Connections: You should check the point of connection between the outlets and inlets and the water heater on the top portion. The usual problem here is a loose connection. A loose connection can be fixed by tightening the connection by using a pipe wrench.
  • Bottom of the Hot Water Tank: The water tank is normally wrapped inside insulation and is confined in an outer cover or protection. A leak from this part of the water heater won’t be noticed easily. If there is a leak inside the water heater, water will slowly leak at the bottom of the tank. The leaks in the water tank may be caused by deterioration and age and it may also be caused by a build-up of sediments inside the tank. For this kind of problem, you need to replace your water heater.

Consider Going Tankless

If you decide it’s time for a replacement, you should take the time to consider upgrading to a tankless water heater. While these cost more initially, they are environmentally and economically sound investment as you will use less energy over time. If you expect to remain in the house for any length of time they may well pay for themselves.

Even if you are selling in the near future, a tankless system is an amenity your new buyers may well appreciate.

Why Choose Water Heaters Now?

We only install water heaters, so this is our specialty. You won’t have to worry about our technicians being unfamiliar with any style of water heater. We install electric, gas, tank-style, and tankless- you name it and we can install it. All of our technicians have a minimum of 5 years installing and repairing water heaters. We screen all of our technicians so you can rest easy knowing someone trustworthy is in your home. For a tank-style water heater, we guarantee same day replacement. Our technicians respect your home and will never leave a mess behind.

If you want a water heater installation done right, call the experts at Water Heaters Now. 

By Dan Burrows


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